Horst Featured on Telegraph.co.uk

Why is 100 per cent organic important? ‘Pesticides and insecticides make people sick and are destroying the planet,’ says Rechelbacher. Learn more about Horst’s passion and journey for a healthier planet and mission to clean up the beauty industry while delivering products that are safe and good for us.

Enjoy this article from Lucie Young of the UK Telegraph. Article highlights also include:

  • Horsts Intelligent Nutrients factory, home, farm and lab
  • The catalyst: ‘One Saturday people started passing out in the salon.’ A year later the chemical build-up in the salon started to affect him, too. ‘I just couldn’t get up one morning. I thought I had the flu.’

VIEW THE FULL ARTICLE: http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/beauty/news-features/TMG8463402/Aveda-founders-mission-to-clean-up-beauty-industry-act.htm

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