Horst Rechelbacher Interviewed in Modern Salon

In a recent interview with Jan Hillenmeyer for Modern Salon, Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Intelligent Nutrients, shares the philosophy behind the brand and his natural beauty products.

Here are some of our favourite highlights from the interview.

About the food-grade components of Intelligent Nutrients products: “I always thought that cosmetic products eventually had to become edible and should be regulated by the FDA. I developed several serious illnesses which I attributed to the chemicals in products I had used earlier in my career. …  Intelligent Nutrients was primarily developed by food chemists and then I brought in cosmetic chemists to make the products functional for hair and skin. Consumers deserve the best products and so do professionals—we are all consumers.

About the basic ingredient of Intelligent Nutrients products: “We are working with seed technology. I have become a student of biological innovations because I have been an organic farmer for about 10 years. … When we started looking at nutritional potency, we found that seeds are much more potent than the plant itself.

As the interview shows, Intelligent Nutrients products are made with health in mind. They are so safe that you can even eat them (not that you’d want to, but just knowing that makes us feel better about putting them on our skin). You can learn about our ingredients and discover the benefits of Intelligent Nutrients products.

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