Intelligent Nutrients a 2012 Organic Beauty Talk Award Winner

Organic Beauty Talk Awards, one of the most popular organic beauty blogs on the web, just released their 2nd annual Organic Beauty Talk Award Winners. The list features the best of the best in organic, natural, vegan and eco-friendly brands, and we’re proud to announce that Intelligent Nutrients won in 4 categories!

Best Organic Anti-Aging Facial Line – Intelligent Nutrients ($24-$55)

A powerhouse line of the world’s most potent natural inflammation and degradation fighters. Our four simple steps—purify, feed, restore, protect—revitalizes, rejuvenates and restores your skin, making it not only work its best, but also look its best.

Best Organic Lip Gloss – Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss ($24)

An antioxidant gloss that looks good, tastes good and is good for you. All of our glosses aid in fighting the visible signs of aging, and are 100% free of synthetic colorants, heavy metals, iron oxides and lead-laced mineral pigments.

Best Natural Hair Styling Products – Intelligent Nutrients ($12-29)

A nutritious line of certified organic, plant-based products that leaves hair healthy, beautiful and pollution-free.

Best Natural Air Freshener – Intelligent Nutrients ($40-$68)

Step out of the chemical cloud with our stress-relieving, purifying and synthetic-free air fresheners. All of our oil diffusers, air purifying sprays and essential oil air nutrition products are made solely from plant sources, with a life force no synthetic can replicate.

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