One Body

One Body. That’s all you get – one body. Our bodies are temples and we should treat them as such by choosing ingredients that not only respect our health but make us feel amazing as well. That’s what Intelligent Nutrient’s One Body products are all about. Let me delve into the nitty gritty breakdown of exactly why you need to try this line.

One Body Cleanser

  • The sulfate free gel formula detoxifies and balances skin while maintaining healthy levels of moisture and awakening skin cells
  • Fruit enzymes and extracts from raspberry, apple, peach, kiwi, papaya, cucumber & strawberry

help dissolve dead skin cells to reveal a smooth surface

  • Algae Bioactives deliver replenishment and moisture that your skin will love

One Body Refiner

  • The refiner uses Plant Cellulose Beads instead of plastic beads that can be harmful to ocean life and the environment
  • Fruit Bioactive Enzymes and Willowbark work to rejuvenate and resurface the skin by breaking down dull, rough cell build up
  • Concentrated levels of green coffee extract penetrated pores and helps retain moisture. It has antioxidant properties 3x greater than green tea (in amounts of polyphenols) and 4x more potent than vitamin C+

One Body Moisturizer

  • This buttery moisturizer uses pink peppercorn to inhibit fat storage and reveal a smoother appearance and more even texture
    • Moisturizing ingredients such as aloe, coconut and shea butter quench the skin and soothe dry, itchy patches
  • The intense formula delivers nutrition, softens and contours the skin while forming a protective barrier and improving elasticity


  • The light yet dense formula of the balm sinks in right away without an oily or greasy residue
  • Moisturizes skin, rejuvenates nails, diffuses dark spots and calms cracked hands
  • Supercharged ingredients such as certified organic super oils, seaside Bioactives and healing fruit butter provide the ultimate hand and nail therapy

P.S. I am personally obsessed with this product! My hands have never been softer since I’ve started using this.


By using this regimen you can help improve the appearance, texture and softness of your skin by trusting in natural ingredients. Consumers reported 27% reduction of cellulite formation, 66% firmer, smoother skin with reduced dimpling and 1000% lipolysis and fatty acid release.



Laura Findlay

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