Simply Irresistible

You too will soon be falling for our Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss. Check out these glowing testimonials:

“Love the flavor! I could smell and taste berries and grape. It is very natural, almost edible. I love the feel of the gloss. It is very smooth, non-sticky and natural. I think it is superior to its toxic and non-toxic counter parts. BRAVO IN!”
—Sasha, Age 24-30

“I was pleasantly surprised at how light it felt on my lips and how conditioned they felt afterwards. Very good experience, I will recommend this product to friends without a doubt.”
—Jenny, Age 31-38

“Love the feel! The look and feel of the gloss is excellent—definitely one of the top glosses I’ve tried (compared to Aveda, MAC, Stila and Clinique).” 
—Susan, Age 38-45

“Enjoyable flavor, not overpowering or artificial.”
—Lisa, Age 46-54

“Normally don’t care for glosses, but really liked yours—I guess because it even tastes good. I will buy for all my daughters. I have 4 daughters and can’t wait till they are able to use this.” 
—Darlene, Age 55-62

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