S.O.S. – Save Our Society

Does the world need another shampoo? Another hair spray? We looked at the hundreds on the shelf and said: yes. Until health and beauty products are healthy and beautiful, yes. Until your goods are good enough for you, yes. The planet has been giving us a wake up call. Our bodies have been doing the same. But no one’s picking up. Ring-a-ding. Thats why we created Intelligent Nutrients. Our products prove that safe, effective products are possible and powerful. Ecological nutrients, globally sourced, sustainably created, fair trade, food-grade, still fabulous. It’s a start. But let’s keep going. We need a new economy and we can create one by voting with our dollars and buying only from responsible companies. We need to take our heads out of the oil field and the chemical cloud. We need help to give it and to get it with organizations already doing good work. This is an S.O.S save our society.



We Need:

An organization that puts climate change into plain English and simple action. Fact: the world has raised the temperature one degree. That means:

  • The agricultural system as we know it is in peril of collapsing
  • Un-Natural disasters and storms that used to occur once per century will occur every 3-4 years
  • Massive pressure on financial systems will create huge stress
  • Insurance payouts are now 4 times that of inflation
  • Political upheaval, massive numbers of refugees and conflict will result

The worlds ecosystem and civilization could only sustain itself to 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide. We are now well past that: at 390 and counting.

350.org: Because the world needs to know